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Products Pistachio

Choose your favorite products with pistachios, a choice between:

Creams pistachio, pistachio Pesti, shelled pistachios and pure pistachio paste

Pistachio Pesto


A delicious recipe to enjoy the true Mediterranean flavors containing a product of excellence.Ideal to be served with a first course and you can taste the real pistachio


Pistachio Cream


The unique taste of pistachio, with the authenticity of the traditional recipe. A suitable food for breakfast or snack for the whole family to start each day with delicious energy or to finish it with a pleasant mood.

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Shelled Pistachio


The unmistakable flavor of the original true pistachio, made according to traditional methods suitable for any type of dish, sweet or salty to give your dishes a touch of art. Indicated for the realization of courses of high level.

Paste Pure Pistachio


An amazing pistachio paste to create the ice cream artisan Bronte, but also suitable for the production of spirits, 100% Pure Bronte Pistachio.

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