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Production of major products consumed on the market: the pear thigh, also known by the popular name "thigh Etna". This fruit, consumed mainly in the summer, is rich in essential vitamins in the main Mediterranean diets.

The pear has been grown since ancient times. It was grown in China 3.000 years ago. In Sicily, the variety coscia of Etna is mainly cultivated. 
From its name we understand where it is grown. There exist on the slopes of Etna the perfect climatic conditions which bring out the best quality of this variety. The very best areas round Etna are Maniace, Bronte and Carcaci, all to the north-west of Catania. The fruit is calabash-shaped (like a wine flask), bright green with red patches (the parts which re exposed to the sun). The main production period is in July/August, when it is in its prime.

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