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Peach Snuffbox

Production of peaches snuff is the first fruits of that season, produced with the most sophisticated manufacturing techniques, achieving excellence on the quality and authenticity of the product. With "snuff" or "saturnine" refers to a rare variety of peach, whose production is typical of the Etna, in particular the original of the Valleys of the Simeto and Alcantara. The name is due to the shape, it flattened on both sides, which recalls the shape of a snuff or the known planet of the solar system. There are many special features and qualities of this fruit, unfortunately it has a limited circulation. It 'a peach of medium and small size, has white flesh very sweet and soft. The characteristic features are the core very small - more than that of an apricot - and the intense aroma typical of freshly picked fruit and not having undergone any treatment.The peach-spread on the slopes of Etna at 800 when he began ended the feudal privileges, with the approval of the Constitution of 1812. Until then the conductors of the estates had never been allowed to grow trees. It was then the land reform of 1950 to give the final turn to the Sicilian economy replacing annual crops with perennial ones. And so it was that on the slopes of Etna, begin to grow other delicious fruits, such as peaches Tabacchiere.  Its well-drained soil, plenty of water and the temperature range of the area turned out delicious peaches and conquered immediately favor of the local inhabitants. For several years this delicacy has become Sicilian Slow Food, with the aim to help in the difficult market and preserve it from contamination of modern ..

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