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Producing one of the best oils in the market: the extra virgin olive oil. We give you the opportunity to buy our oil in collaboration with other companies present on site for the construction of the oil with a very advantageous price and the certification of its origin and quality.The olives are traditionally harvested by beating the branches with sticks flexible so as to cause separation of the fruits that, after falling on suitable networks, are then collected. A more modern technique involves the use of mechanical harvesters that shake the branches, but with greater damage to the plant, and cause the fall of the olives on a network arranged on the ground that allows then to collect them faster and with less fatica.La collection by hand with special combs and bags with a shoulder strap (long method but with the possibility to choose the fruits) on long ladders of wood, is still practiced in many areas. This technique is certainly the most expensive, but nevertheless allows to collect fruit intact and at the right stage of ripeness. It is still preferable for preserved olives, but is the first of the fundamental elements to obtain an extra virgin olive oil fragrant and free of odors.


The extra virgin olive oil is a food that has nutritional and metabolic characteristics that make it unique in flavor, aroma and fragrance. Medical science and nutrition have been able to analyze these characteristics in the course of the many studies, to assess the contribution of nutrition and human health.It 'also seasoning healthy and genuine that can enrich our diet essential fats and vitamins details. Indeed, currently the focus of food science is no longer directed to the reduction of fat in the diet but the balanced and continuous replacement of saturated fat with foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids.

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